AMU protested against the rise of fascist powers; condemned the Atrocities on dalits


Today the students of Aligarh Muslim University organized a protest against the barbaric attacks, atrocities and brutal killings of suppressed and weaker sections of society including minorities, dalits and tribals of India under the banner of Khudai Khidmatgar.
“It’s a high time that we people start condemning these acts and come out of our home against these social evils”, said Saad Hasan, a student of Aligarh Muslim University.
The protest march started from Marris Road and was called off at Center Point. “The reason behind organizing the protest outside the campus was to let these fascist powers know that the students of AMU openly criticize these conspiracies of these fascist powers in order to destroy the pluralism of the nation”, said Mohammad Arsalan.
Najm Mehdi, Vishal Rajput, Ameem Ahmad and Sharjeel Usmani were also present during the protest.


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