CBI professed its inability to find Najeeb or question his assaulters.

New Delhi: October 2018 marks two years of the disappearance of Najeeb Ahmed. Najeeb, a student from Uttar Pradesh in JNU was assaulted and threatened with murder by ABVP, Hindu right wing group. He later mysteriously disappeared.

After nearly eighteen months of investigations, the CBI has filed a closure report in the Delhi High Court. The leading investigative agency professed its inability to find Najeeb or question his assaulters. The Delhi High Court too has washed its hands off the matter and has allowed the CBI to get away with blatant dereliction of duty.

Whereas, in the high court of Patiala, the files of defamation case filed against those media houses which ran false reports linking Najeeb to ISIS has gone missing. However, Fatima Nafees, the mother of the disappeared child is not yet ready to bow down and give up her fight against the state with grief and hope in her heart.

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