Life of a Muslim Activist, 18 and Counting Years as an Under Trial Prisoner

Abdul Nasar Maudany, a well known political activist from Kerla is still going through the trials as an accused of 2008 Bangalore serial Blast. He was arrested on August 17, 2010, adding him as the 31st person `accused’ to be involved in the Bangalore blast case of 2008. Interestingly, his name was not there in the first list of the accused persons. It was added later.

However, just before this, Abdul Nasar Maudany spent nine and a half years as an under trial. He was framed and the fabricated case was lodged connected him with the Coimbatore blast. The Court took nine and half years to conclude that all accusations were false and the cases on him was nothing but conspiracy. The court released him stating that he was innocent relieving him from all the cases against him.


Watch a Documentary Film on the Fabricated Cases on Abdul Nasar Maudany and Others Directed by K.P. Sasi


Read more about him here

Abdul Nasar Maudany: Fifteen And Half Years In Prison As An `Under Trial’

From Gramsci to Madani


Take Action –

We appeal to all democratic and peace loving organisations and citizens of India and abroad to initiate symbolic and democratic actions for the release of Abdul Nasar Maudany as well as other victims of the draconian law UAPA.

The most of the targets and victims of this law which violate the basic tenets of Indian Constitution have always been minorities, Dalits, Adivasis and human rights activists.

Therefore, we appeal to you to do the best within your means through organising public events, screening of the films on the same topic, using the skills of writing and other skills, sharing of information and publicising this issue in support and solidarity with this common agenda of `RELEASE ABDUL NASAR MAUDANY, REPEAL UAPA’.

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