The Monk who sells hate

Bhartiya Janta Party is now a more surprising house than the ‘Big Boss’ television show. With the announcement of Yogi Adityanath as 21st chief minister of India’s most significant electoral state, the saffron party has left the nation with another wave of shocks . Interestingly disappointments knocked together in the organisation as well as in… Continue reading The Monk who sells hate


Hate is inherent and Fatwa is just a propaganda

It’s not a new normal to give a massive coverage to any negative news which is linked to Muslim identity. Yes, you’re right, I am talking about overrated, manipulated and much hyped coverage or better say ‘propagated by Islamophobe’ mainstream media on alleged fatwa (which it never was) over Nahid Afrin. The same media which… Continue reading Hate is inherent and Fatwa is just a propaganda

Here Are 7 Facts U.P Assembly Elections Bring Out

11th March declared poll result for five different states but it’s only UP verdict which stole the show and became hot cake for television as well as for social media sites. And the reasons are obvious. The one-sided victory of BJP was unpredicted especially after the course of demonetization. Here are seven bullets points from… Continue reading Here Are 7 Facts U.P Assembly Elections Bring Out

UP Elections 2017: A drift towards soft Hindutva

  As the results started showing clear mandate to BJP in Uttar Pradesh poll, different versions of narratives against the previous predictions started flowing on social media sites. The defeat of BJP was almost assumed before the exit poll declaration but unlike Bihar, most of the exit polls turned true and remained close to the… Continue reading UP Elections 2017: A drift towards soft Hindutva