Beef: A savoury or a political tool

  The media's attention has now been focused on a new political issue: beef. Nowadays beef has featured more in India’s politics than its cuisine. The Hindu right has always found meat in the demand to ban beef. The obsession with beef is a leftover of the communal politics of the last two centuries, when… Continue reading Beef: A savoury or a political tool


Bihari v/s Baahri, writes Ghazanfer Afroz

More ego centric than development based, Bihar's election has become testing lab for different rotted gimmickry withered away the hyped, fancied, enchanting and fantasized beautiful bride "the development". The election is being fought on Bihari vs Bahri, Polarization and Counter polarization,Caste conflict, Past prejudices, jungle raj, mangal raj and mandal raj; verbal abuse, Pakistan as… Continue reading Bihari v/s Baahri, writes Ghazanfer Afroz