Serious Criminal Charges Against 17% Of Candidates Polling In Phase 3 of UP Elections 2022

As many as 135, or 22%, of the 623 candidates contesting in the third phase of Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh have criminal cases against them, non-profit organisation the Association for Democratic Reforms said on Tuesday. It also said that 103, or 17%, have serious criminal cases like those of murder, kidnapping and rape registered against them.

Declare India ‘Hindu Rashtra’, Questionable Remarks Made in UP’s Prayagraj Dharma Sansad

Scores of seers and saints camping at Magh Mela on the sandy banks of the river Ganga on Saturday raised a demand for declaring India a Hindu nation, treating Subhash Chandra Bose as the first Prime Minister of the country and capital punishment for conversion which should be treated as treason.

No Pakistani Flag Found yet Police Booked the Family for Sedition, Hindutva Mob Pelted Stones and Damages Property Belonging to Muslims

In the Chauri Chaura area of Gorakhpur, the Hindutva mob surrounded a Muslim house, pelted stones, and vandalized properties belonging to Muslim families. After Islamic flags hung from the rooftops of Muslim houses went made viral claiming as “Pakistani Flag”. Following, the violent mob surrounded the locality and raised Hindutva war cry slogans