Creative Team


Dr Swati is a literature enthusiast and a poet. She is a member of the Creative Team of Citizens Together. She is a feminist who writes about patriarchy, Gender politics and literature. She has done her PhD in Hindi. Swati believes in Art as the best form of resistance. She also discusses cinema and recites poems for social change.

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Madhu Kumar

Madhu is a digital content creator and a member of the Creative Team of Citizens Together. He is associated with Gaon Connection as a Video Producer, Editor. He is also a founder of In-Between News, Instagram based News platform. He is a filmmaker in making who is passionate about journalism and visual arts.

Nilankur Das

Nilankur Das is a community organiser and an artivist. At Citizens Together he is involved as a member of the Creative Team. He is working with Video Volunteers, a human rights media organisation. Along with that, through his trust ‘thus.’, he aspires to add value to the social capital of Goa – by organising and curating interdisciplinary programmes that foster critical thinking and understanding of Rights based issues.

Anwarul Hoda

Anwarul Hoda is a blogger and a digital content creator who writes on politics and the economy. He has started Citizens Together and works as a member of the Creative Team. He also works with the Video Volunteers as a YouTube Channel Manager and is associated with National India News as Managing Editor of the News Network.

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Trevor J Raj

Trevor J Raj is a doctoral scholar in the ‘Alliance For Social, Political, Ethical, And Cultural Thought’ program at Virginia Tech. Trevor is committed to mental health wellbeing, especially for students coming from challenging backgrounds. He is committed to access for students from marginalized sections in higher education and academia. Trevor is a member of the Creative Team at Citizens Together and handles Mental Health sections.